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  • Mitchell Hymowitz, CFO for hire
  • Glenn Peters, Finance Expert for hire
  • Bechara Kara, Investment Manager for hire
  • Michael Ang, Managing Director for hire
  • Kelly Sickles, Finance Expert for hire
  • John Huff, Chief Financial Officer for hire
  • Milda Jasaite, Finance Expert for hire
  • Neil Portus | CFA, CMA, CFO for hire
  • Brent Dial, Divisional Chief Financial Officer for hire
  • Javier Enrile, Managing Director for hire
  • Carole Crawford, CFA, Finance Expert for hire
  • Alex McAndrew, Managing Director for hire

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  • World-Class Finance Experts

    World-Class Finance Experts

    Vetted extensively, Toptal finance experts represent the top 3% of talent in the world.

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    Premium Talent Matching

    Our industry experts custom-match the right finance experts for your needs based on skills, domain expertise, and other factors.

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    No-Risk Trial

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Carole Crawford, CFA

Ellen Su

Saim Korlu

Carole Crawford, CFA

At Morgan Stanley, Carole advised eight founders through exits totaling over $750 million before founding her own practice to manage venture investments for family offices. A former tech CFO, she freelances to leverage her experience with capital raises, strategic pivots, and turnarounds. She enjoys helping entrepreneurs achieve financial success, with a focus on fintech.

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